Thursday, April 23, 2009


I'm so glad i don't do drugs or anything that can really really damage my body, because i have one hell of an addictive personality. I went from "Ass Play is a Hard Limit" to "Oh Please! Stick it up there again, Sir!" in about one weekend. (--); well, in my defence, it was a more of a 'fear of the unknown fear' kinda thing, but still. I find myself starting to want all the things Master's into. Like spaghetti-o's, spicy food, toy hunting, and star trek. Things i never really cared for in the past.I'm probably just associating it all with Master, but still.

It prolly makes me really fucking easy to train when you get right down to it. Ugh. i hope it isn't used for evil purposes. Like Master convincing me that i hate anime and dragons, but i love sci-fi and umm...boobs? (i don't think Master has an animal affiliation on par with mine. so umm..boobs is a pretty good substitute. yeah. id say i love dragons as much as a guy loves boobs. ^^)

i wonder if Master will try to get me over my fear of roller coasters....hmm.

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  1. It's funny how a hard (or soft) limit can so quickly turn into a new craving.

    You must love dragons an awful lot! ;-)