Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Squeeze My Boobs! $5!

So Comic-con was nearing its end. i had bought all the hentai manga i could afford, and looking at countless American comics and action figures had gotten me a little bored. that's when my mind turned to kinkier thoughts. Well hey, i was at a con where guys flood themselves with fantasy worlds in order to try and appease their real wants and desires. Women. So i decided to be the little whore that i am and asked Master for permission to live out one of my fetishes. Being paid for services of a phisical nature. I stole a peice of cardboard form a cart and made out a sign using a marker i had gotten for free at a booth. On one side it read "Hugs! $1" and the other, "Squeeze My Boobs! $5".

Blushing furiously, and heart beating like crazy, Master and i sought out a good hallway to set myself up in. (relitivly populated but farther away from most of the children and comic-con staff) We decided on a bit left of Ballroom 20. Master sat down near me and perused my iphone, whilst i stood there holding up my sign. I chose to have the 'hugs' side showing first, then baised on the type of person that strode up, i would flip the sign and give them the second option.

Some guys akwardly grabbed them, others who were too embarresed decided for the hug only, and some got cold feet and walked away. I ended up making $28 in two hours. I thought it was totally awesome and i wanna do it again. Oh cons! Why arn't there more of you! (anime-con here i come!)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Rough Draft Kinky Arts - Shark Play

Here's an un-colored version of Kinky Arts for Vinzent so he can colors it! X3