Saturday, August 28, 2010

Senario tiiiime!

Master asked me to write him a senario of how i would like to see myself being dominated. I only had an hour or so, so its not perfect, but i came up with this.

He gave me the subject "Teddy Bear" for my senario.

Random sunshine day. D is on his computer, perusing the Internets while s is on the bed, cuddling with the teddy bear she’s owned since childhood. There's a knock at the door. S instinctively starts to get up to go answer the door.

D: No, s. stay there with Mr. Bear. I can get the door. You just enjoy yourself.

S, happy to be staying on the bed, cuddles up to Mr. Bear and rubs her face into his soft fur.

D returns, holding a package. He walks over to s who is staring inquisitively at it.

D: Do you know what this is, s? No, how could you know. It’s just a box. Some random mystery item in a box. Its not like you have x-ray vision or anything. But, just for fun, why don’t you try to guess what’s inside it?

S thinks hard.

S: ….umm…a toy?

D: wow, I'm impressed, you usually aren’t this intuitive. I was sure it would of taken you about 10 guesses to get this far.

S, a bit put off at the statement geared towards her stupidity, pouts.

D places the package on the bed grabs a fistful of s’s hair and forces s to turn her head in D’s direction.

D: No pouting you stupid cunt. I’m just fucking with you, you know that.

S down casts her eyes and dosint look at D

D slaps her face in light rapid slaps

D: Hey! Cunt! No pouting! Look at me, yes me!

D grabs her cheeks with his hand forcing her lips into a puckered fish shape

D: were still guessing what’s in the fucking box! Yes, that thing over there. You said toy. Now I need to know what kind of toy. Comon bitch you can do this, start guessing.

S, whose lips are still pressed together, slurs out the words,
S: action figure?

WHAP! D’s hand comes down hard on her tit.

D: Wrong bitch! And here I thought you were onto something! How wrong I was. Do you enjoy that? Do you enjoy making me wrong? Because I hate it, I hate being wrong. See what you’ve done, I'm all upset now. I don’t know what to do with myself. You’re going to have to help me.

S starts to apologetically rub his crotch.

D slaps her in the face.

D: Why is everything about the cock with you?! Did I say, “Slut girl, rub my cock?” No! So how the fuck did you come to that conclusion?!

S starts to prattle of something apologetic.

D: Shut the fuck up and turn over. Comon! I don’t have all day! Turn your ass the fuck over!

S turns over as fast as she can, laying herself on D’s lap.

SMACK SMACK SMACK. D spanks her.

D: fucking yes! This is nice; I'm really enjoying myself, how about you?

S wails out some sort of painful cry

D: oh I knew you felt the same! You love getting spanked to, don’t you, you masochistic little whore? Yes, you do! Who loves getting spanked?

S wails again, she’s clearly in a lot of pain. Not really enjoying it.

D: what was that, s? Harder? You need it harder? Wow I didn’t think you liked it this hard, but okay, if that’s what you want….

S cries out, she’s squirming on his lap, trying to move get away from the pain in any way she can.

D spanks her a few more times for good measure, then without warning, abruptly stands up, pitching s off his lap and onto the floor.

S squeaks as she falls. D chuckles at the sound.

S, hair in her face, a little bit of drool at the side of her mouth, composes herself slightly and looks up at D.

D is now holding the box up to s’s face and shakes it like a Christmas present.

D: common now s! You get 3 more tries! What’s in the box?

S, flustered and not wanting to get spanked again thinks hard. She apparently takes to long because D slaps her in the face.

D: your being to slow! Common bitch! Fucking guess!

S: A… a sex toy?

D lifts his hand like he’s going to slap her. S, cringes and closes her eyes. S is met instead with a soft massaging caress to the top of her head. She sighs and leans into it.

D: good girl. It is a sex toy. Can you guess its shape?

S: ……….penis?

D chucks the box at s

D: why don’t you open it and find out?

S opens the package and is met with a strap on dildo with curiously small straps. S looks inquisitively up at D

D: Now don’t get any wild ideas in your head. I’m not getting fucked. Especially not by you, you stupid little whore. This toy isn’t for you and it’s not for me..
………….Its for Mr. Bear.

S gets a horrified look on her face. She jumps up on the bed and grabs Mr. Bear. She hugs him close attempting to shield her symbol of childhood innocence from any pervertedness.

D: come now, s. I will have none of this foolishness. Give me the bear.

S: No! You cant! Please! Not Mr. Bear!!

D: ……Did you just defy me? Openly defy me? You said No, didn’t you?!

D pinches her flesh hard. s cries out.

S: ah, ah!..No! I mean, I didn’t mean to, I mean owwwww!!!

D: ill forgive you if you give me Mr. Bear. Just give me the bear, and the pain will stop.

D pinches harder.

S. fuuuuuuccckkk….owwww! gah, n..noooooo…. ah owww please Master! Please I don…don’t want to ahh.. gaaah! Uuugh!

S reluctantly hands over the bear.

D: thank you s. that whole nasty incident could have been avoided had you just listened to me in the first place.

S cowers into a ball. Afraid of what D will do to her precious stuffed teddy.

D laughs manically as he buckles the strap-on to the bear. He then presents it with flourish to s.

D: tah-dah! Look how happy he is! He finally has a penis!

S starts to cry. In a pitiful way.

D: what’s that Mr. Bear? You want to use it? You want to use it on s? Oh, permission, why yes, you do have permission to fuck my slave, Mr. Bear, Thank you very much for asking!

S tries to crawl away

D grabs hold of her ankle and pulls her back up onto the bed.

D: now where do you think your going?! Do you want Mr. Bear to think badly of me? That you are so untrained, so rude that you turn your back from our guest and completely ignore him?!

D looks back at at Mr. Bear.

D: yes. Your right. She does need to apologize. Whore, why don’t you get over here and give Mr. Bear an apology blowjob? Go on; give him a nice sloppy one.

S sobs.

D grabs her face and turns it up towards him.

D: s. hey, s. I want you to do this for me. Doing this would make me very happy. I know you hate destruction on innocence. But it fucking turns me on. Look. Look at my pants. See my cock? It practically busting out of my boxers. Now. You’re going to do this, and your going to do it well. If you complain once more, just once, I will gag you, and it wont be the nice one with air holes. It’s the huge purple one that burns your lips off. So do we have an understanding?

S: ……..y…..yes Sir. I would love to suck Mr. Bear’s cock!

D: that’s my girl. Now go to it!