Monday, May 11, 2009


There's something deliciously erotic about wearing a corset. It forces your posture to improve, it sucks in your stomach and other flabby bits, and it pushes up and presents your breasts. All you have to deal with is the new uncomfortableness of breathing with your chest instead of your stomach.oh..and eating. Its hard to eat with it on too.(you gotta loosen it first)

But anyways, This last weekend, Master and i attended (and volunteered at) Dom con. It was really awesome! So many people and booths and classes and fun stuff, the only reserve was that it was practically held in the basement of the hotel in this tiny (for a con) room. It made me sad that we could int openly enjoy/flaunt the lifestyle that gave a lot of us meaning. Maybe someday,we'll be just as accepted as say, the giant crazy extravagant porn convention/awards held in Las Vegas.

But i digress. Back to corsets! Even though i really liked the latex dresses (i still do) Master insisted (with very good reason) that we shop around a bit more before making a big purchase. (it was Masters money after all.) Our friend Emily found us perusing at one of the booths, and, after showing us her new corset, insisted that we check out the booth she got hers from. There was a whole table, she explained, devoted specifically to bargain corsets that were only $100 each! ((pretty darn cheep!)) So W/we went over and after trying a couple on,W/we found we liked this one black corset that had buckles lined horizontally down the front (i likes me some buckles.) The person running the booth helped us tighten the corset. Gods. the feeling of it being tightened, cinching in different parts of my torso, tightening, ahh it almost made me wet, it felt so good.

W/we finally got the corset on, but it was time to attend a class, and W/we wern't sure about buying it yet. the booth owner told us i could wear it to the class, to see how it felt, then W/we could come back and purchase it if we wanted. W/we thanked the man and went forth to class.

Once we had returned to the booth, however, it was all in a state of dissaray, they had selected to put on a fashion show on the main stage, and i was wearing one of their corsets! This lady assumed i was in the show and started putting lipstick on me and spraying my hair before i could even get a word out, i started freaking out a bit. I could int go up there in front of people! i could trip or not be as showy as the others or burst into tears of embarrassment or something!! Master came to my rescue and explained that i didn't want to be in the show. (thank Kamisama)
They understood. yay.^^;

W/we ended up purchasing the corset, and throughout the rest of the day, we bought items that would help complete the outfit (and match my red hooker shoes) W/we were successful! woot!
Everyone was complementing Master and i. (Master for having such a pretty slave and me for looking like a girl)it was nicely confidence boosting. and i enjoyed trotting around all sexy/pretty behind my Master (a sort of "That's right! my Master owns this hotness!") hee hee.

So yays. i haves a corset and Master has a hot sexy slave that likes star trek and yugimons!

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