Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Poll: Cock-sucking

i have a love-hate relationship with cock-sucking. On one hand, i get the warm fulfillment of bringing my Master up most pleasure, and i get to enter a rhythm that lets me mindlessly suck something (it brings about an easy transition into slave space.) However, you are sucking on something that frequently chokes you, rarely sees the light of day, and gets covered in sweat and pee smells. So, naturally, your body wants to stay away from bitter choking things. Yet at the same time, you find yourself addicted to it. You need to suck it to completion. You need to feel that warm pulsing thing slide into your mouth and down your throat. It becomes a sick perverted ritual. Which is a turn on for me, so its prolly why i go into slave space while doing it, but still have an aversion to it.

I've sort of just started out being good at cock sucking, its not too hard really, the only thing you really need to know is how to curl your lips over your teeth. Besides that, you just have fun switching between licking, sucking and handling the cock in different ways. You know you've done something right when you get a gasp/moan/random words of compliment, and silence for a while usually means you should switch to a different technique and see how that fairs.

Its an extra bonus if you have big tits, cause personally, that's the easiest way to take a little break from sucking. you just have to press your tits together and move up and down. Yays. ^ ^

Now about cum. The cum of the last two guys i was with tasted terrible. I assume their eating habits wern't up to par. besides the whole asparagus thing, if you eat candy and fast food all day, your cum will still taste rank. Try eating healthier foods, or a few hours before, down a load of pineapple and strawberries. This will greatly improve the taste.

umm yeah. dunno what else to say really. umm... Banzai Cock-Sucking! ^ ^