Sunday, April 19, 2009

Training of a 3rd kind!

So! This weekend was Master and I's 4 month anniversary! yaaaays! it was an awesome weekend! We went out to dinner and lunches and the pier and PA and had lots and lots of fun! ^^ It was also the weekend that some new toys arrived, and W/we decided it was time to start training my 3rd hole for my Masters use.

I was kind of scared at first, with all the horror stories my vanilla friends had told me about, describing the pain and how they declared 'never again!' (to the chagrin of their boyfriends.) But, they are just regular vanilla couples, and i highly doubt the guy even prepared her with even a finger. Otherwise, their new adventure might have gone a lot more smoothly.

The more i thought about it though, the more i liked the idea, and a lot of other people were able to do anal, so why couldn't i? At this point, i was nervous but excited. I wondered what it would really feel like, how it would be different from my 2nd hole, and things like that. Master went really nice and slow. And it made me happy that he was taking the time to do that, because it made me feel safer and more ready to accept it because he was treating it gently, rather then 'shoving it fully into me on the count of three'.

I was really surprised at how much i enjoyed the experience. It was sort of fascinating how much of a difference differently textured things make, because theres so many more nerves at the entrance of the 3rd hole then the 2nd. First, i experienced Masters fingers, then my smooth new butt plug. i wore my plug at different times for around a total of 12 hours this weekend. Everywhere i went when it was in me made me feel that much more submissive and eager to do things for my Master. Master let me take my plug home. Ive been given permission to wear it whenever i like. (i named my plug 'blueberry' ...cause....uhh...its blue... not very original, i know, but a code word was needed. i cant very well be in line at the supermarket and declare 'Master! my butt plug itches!!!' )

I think ill wear blueberry when i wash my car tomorrow. ^^

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