Monday, April 20, 2009

Car wash of..... Hidden Humiliation?!

As per my last post, today i washed my car. The time i choose was just before sunset,(which i was told was the perfect time to wash the car.) To get ready for this endeavor, i pulled my hair back, put on a junky t-shirt , my new jean skirt, and of course, blueberry.

I was having a marvelous time, i was somewhere in between the sudz-up and the 2nd hose down when my mother pulled into the driveway. It was not until now that i shakily realized that, in all my squatting and leaning and walking around, blueberry had slipped about an inch out of me. What the hell could i do?! i couldn't just stick my hand up the back of my skirt and slowly adjust it while she was walking right towards me!

I continued washing the car, clenching my cheeks, and thanking the gods that i had worn panties with a back instead of a thong. She approached me with approval, happy that i was doing something i said i would do. (women don't believe you do anything good unless they actually catch you in the act of doing it.) She stood there, and stared. I tried my best to keep nonchalantly drying my car. She kept giving me these little tips on how to do it right, not lifting a towel to help me, but not going back into the house to do whatever it is that she needed to do. She just stood there and stared at me. i grew more nervous. ((had the plug come out even further?!...... i couldn't check.... not with her standing there...she might notice and ask..... she always asks.....nosey bitch....)) finally, she left. i sighed. And quick as a flash, i turned my back to my car and stuck my hand up the back of my skirt, desperately trying to push blueberry back into myself.

No luck. it wasn't going.was it because i was standing? i didn't know. i couldn't bend over with my ass up in the air and push it in like how i did in the first place... there was neighbors around. i could hear them talking somewhere. one might see me. After more fruitless pushing, i tried sitting down on the front porch. surely a hard concrete floor and gravity would have the power my hands lacked! I squirmed. i bounced i straddled the edge of the step. i got up and felt again..... Fuck! still an inch out!

My car was still only half dry. Should i go inside and take it out? No....that felt too much like failure. I said i would wash my car with it in,and i had to finish that job. I gathered up some muster, clenched my cheeks again, and squatted down to clean the wheel wells. (once and a while, i would sit on my heels, to see if that might shove it in....nothing happened. it stayed where it was.) Around the time i was drying the wheel wells, my last task, Steve drove up. ((great another person to feel humiliated in front of)) i was sure now it was my panties and only my panties that was keeping blueberry from popping out of me and bouncing merrily down the driveway.

My car finally finished, blueberry teetering 1/3rd of the way out of me,I said my greetings to Steve, gathered up my things, and bolted inside the house, down the stairs and into the bathroom. With a mean glare at the now released blueberry, i sat down, and began to write this. yay.

So there you go. My Car wash of Hidden Humiliation. ^^;

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