Sunday, June 6, 2010

Curiouser and Curiouser

I've apparently developed a foot fetish. One that involves people touching tickling scratching my own feet. Up until recently, I've hated having my feet touched, but after a fun evening where my Master and our friend Sally attacked my feet in such a manner, i later found that i was able to be used shortly after with no other foreplay required. It felt sooo good being fucked by Master and i was shocked that i didn't find a need to touch myself to get ready beforehand. apparently the torture to my feet had done the work for me.

Though looking back, i may have just developed the idea of eroticizing my feet because of the attention they received by two people. Therefore I may just develop a fetish for any area of my body depending on how many people are touching me and how much erotic attention i receive in that particular area. Which personally is kind of scary. Why am i able to so easily adapt in this sort of way? Im scared of not knowing if I'm liking something because i actually like it or liking something because I've secretly been made to like it.