Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Well,since this is the first post, let me start with this. I'm a lifestyle submissive/slave, and I'm owned by my Master, Kamisama. ^^ Were soon to be going on 4months and I'm super happy with how the relationship is going so far.

Soooo yeah. on to today's topic, the trouble with training.

W/we've been thinking lately that its harder to train me when i can only see Master 2 1/2 days out of the week. because those other 4 something days skrew up a good chunk of the training that was instilled the previous weekends. I'm not really sure what to do about it, because i live with my parents, and when I'm in their house, its their rules that go. Anything they tell me to do, has to take precedence over what Master says. Which sucks balls. (mmm......balls....)

Anyways, its a hard thing to deal with. Doing normal human things most days, which make me uncomfortable, things like taking, eating, doing things without asking permission, sitting at a table, no reward/punishment system for anything i do. In normal reality, if i do something bad, i get nagged at with words forever, if i do something good,it either goes completely un-noticed, or i get a bland 'thank you'. Yup. i really see my motivation to do things for them. feh.

Then, we get to go to the wonderful part of the week. Where i can freely express myself and not feel self conscious, where i can eat from a bowl on the floor, ask to use the restroom, and receive small chocolate rewards for such things as packing away the hitachi, to finding that lost birthday present.

Its a place where i actually feel use full, like I'm actually making difference to someone, like they actually think about me and acknowledge my existence. Versus, always feeling like i was tacked on and remembered at the last minute, a tag-a-long at dinners, the one who stays at home and looks after the dog for no food and no pay, while they go out to a baseball game and out to dinner. (not that i like baseball or anything, but they're taking advantage of me in a way.)

Ah well. I'm sure something will change soon. hopefully. maybe. meow.

Thank You for reading this, my first post and stuff. weee~ ^^

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