Thursday, April 16, 2009


I love having my ability to speak taken away from me. Besides giving me a good feeling from giving something so fundamental and important over to my Master, it saves me from possibly saying anything embarrassing to people.

I enjoy the simple place it takes me to. I have to now just use sounds and gestures to try and make people understand what I'm trying to communicate to them. Its really amusing to most people, like I'm stuck in an endless charades game and I'm always 'it'. I also get in some fun humiliation by drawing silly mouths on the duct tape,it makes people giggle.^^

One of the fun times i had with this, was on Valentine's Day. Master and i were volunteering at 'My Kinky Valentine' at Threshold, and W/we were given the task of cleaning the grill. (which looked like it hadn't been cleaned in centuries) I got to clean it with tape over my mouth, and this goofy smile scrawled across it. (for an enhanced affect surly, because every time i looked up at someone who praised me for my hard work, i then received a giggle from them noticing the 'smile') ((it was awesomeness)). I got soooo dirty. i love getting dirty when I'm cleaning something, so when I'm all done, the item is clean, but now I'm covered in filth. hahahaha. ^^;

Well yeah. I really like being silenced. The only draw back that i come across is that i get really, really thirsty, probably from breathing through my nose all the time. ^^;

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