Saturday, August 15, 2009

Things and Stuff!

Last Tuesday was my 21st birthday. Master took me to Vegas! yaaays Vegas! we saw the Zumanity show, i loooved the sayter. i have a thing for half human-half beast creatures. ^^ Masters favorite thing was getting to fuck me while we were both standing up, (almost). i wore my red high-up hooker shoes. it put my holes in the perfect position for Master's cock. so yays! ^^

Umm ive been really busy lately since i got a job. now i have someplace to be and people to talk to and errands to run. it makes me feel a lot more normal. which beats sitting alone in a house all day with nothing to do and nowhere to go and broke off your ass. so yays once again.

The only problem with it all is, i now feel more independent and less reliant on my Master. Which takes me a little further away from my normal submissive head space.Then it takes me a lot longer to get myself back into that space, and its sad cause Master has a tough enough time dealing with me as it is. XD hee hee. (cause you know I'm such a naughty girl) (and a smart-ass)
(and high maintenance) ((jk im not any of those things really, I'm just a slutty whore with average math skillz.))